Autumn Equinox Power


As seasons change we feel the warmth of a sunset when we say goodbye to summer as a crisp fall breeze tickles the back of our neck. The Autumn Equinox is the ideal time to get cozy and try something new.

An equinox occurs when daytime and nighttime are both almost equal in length. The sun is crossing the equator and our days are in balance.

This year, the Autumn Equinox lands on September 22nd and we are lucky enough to celebrate the beautiful introduction to fall here in Seattle.

However, the Autumn Equinox is also the start of darker days. Our evenings stretch out in length, leaving us in darkness longer. Temperatures drop and we find ourselves reaching for items of warmth. Some of us reach for sweaters long stored in boxes, some of us reach for steamy hot drinks that have been seasoned with cinnamon and pumpkin, while some of us simply reach for a hot lover.

Equinoxes provide us with a perfect opportunity to celebrate the cyclical nature of the world – to remember that we all need to go through moments of darkness in order to truly bloom during moments of light. The trees around us change colors in the crisp air, serving as reminders that a new chapter is upon us and we should start preparing for a transition in life.

Much like the nature around us manages to awaken even after a dark, cold, winter, we humans are also capable of awakening amidst darkness.

Take some time rediscovering your connection to the cycle around us. What does Autumn mean for you? Is Autumn a time for rediscovery? Re-connection? No matter what, check out some of our tips on truly embracing the Autumn Equinox and saying hello to Fall in a beautiful and meaningful way.

  • Transform a Sacred Space: One of the best ways to celebrate the Autumn Equinox is by transforming a space into a sacred space. Whether you choose somewhere in your garden, in a neighborhood park, or in your home, it’s important to select a space that already feels peaceful to you. Then, make some important additions. Light a cleansing candle. Open the windows so the sun can shine through. Feel the cyclical power of the earth as you pay tribute to the season of the past and welcome the season that is coming.
  • Bring Warmth to Your Home: As the air cools down outside be sure to prioritize the warmth inside your home. With warmth comes the sense of security, support, and health. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, the best way to enjoy this new season is by getting cozy. Find a new blanket that will help keep you warm as you cuddle. Cover your bed with a decadent comforter for lazy weekend mornings. Curl up in a cozy set of pajamas that is both cute and sexy.
  • Try Something that Scares You: Autumn is known for its spooky moods. From scary movies in the theater to dry leaves rattling across wet pavement, the fall months just seem made for spine-tingling moments! This fall, try something new. Try something that scares you. If you’re looking for a little inspiration check out the new print on our Fetish al Fresco bedding…

As we transition from the summer months into fall, take some time to celebrate the Autumn Equinox as it provides us with almost perfectly balanced darkness and sunshine. Focus on the balance and the cycles in your life, then remember to try something new in bed.