Catch Some Atomic Era Vibes


The atomic era was a time that brought bright and vivid innovation to the world. Metal seemed to shine more luminously and colors seemed to glow. With the discovery of nuclear energy, people were flooded with optimism about their bright future full of possibilities. People everywhere started to visualize what a world with limitless energy options might look like, and they saw nuclear energy as the answer.

Nowhere was this new excitement seen more clearly than at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. The World’s Fair  Women could be seen wandering through the wondrous halls of the World’s Fair with their perfectly coiffed hair and heels. Men wore suits or military uniforms, their trimmed hair reminding everyone around that they meant business.

The 1964 World’s Fair gave people a glimpse into their possible future. Visitors were greeted with a 12-story metal structure of our globe, the largest metal representation of the globe on earth. They were educated about atomic energy by The Atomic Energy Commission, shown futuristic cities from General Motors, and able to gaze at the largest color print photographs provided by Kodak. Moving sidewalks and underwater cities were not too far off for the people of 1964, at least according to the World’s Fair.

These futuristic designs soon were echoed in homes across America. People wanted to capture that infectious energy of their future, right in their own living room. Mid-century modern decor emerged and people clamored for the edgy, items that would make their home look as chic as The World’s Fair. Clean lines, natural wood, soft yet bold colors, and contemporary materials all helped make the atomic era one of the most stylish. Some people hung clear pod-like chairs from their ceiling, a nod to the space race going on above while others threw shag carpets on the ground almost as a seductive invitation. Low, colorful couches and armchairs begged visitors to kick off their heels and stay awhile. With a martini in hand and some cool vibrations humming from the record player, the homes of the atomic era were cool as can be.

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