Chakrubs Crystal Wands - Sin in Linen

Chakrubs Crystal Wands

Chakrubs Crystal Wands - Sin in Linen

Chakrubs are solid crystal wands engineered to blossom your pleasure centers and enhance your spirituality. We believe that an important part of self-care and empowerment comes from self-love and sexual expression. We are beyond in love with these breathtaking new Chakrub Wands, Eggs, and Roots, that can engage the muscles and power of your spiritual being.

On your next day off, why not spend a little time focusing on yourself?

Chakrubs Original Heart Rose Quartz Wand - Sin in Linen

The Rose Quartz wand is made from the stone of the heart. It has the power to reawaken the heart, provide a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, and all us to truly give and receive love. With its soft, feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing, this wand can help dissolve your sorrows, worries, fears, and resentments. This wand will make your heart open.
Chakrubs Crystal Prism Wand - Sin in Linen

While the Rose Quartz wand is a bit more peaceful, the Prism Natural Quartz Chakrub Wand comes from a place of power. Sometimes called the “Universal Crystal” this stone has many uses. It directs and amplifies energy, helping you find balance and focus. This is a beautiful wand to help dispel negative energy and provide spiritual growth, clarity, and wisdom. It can also increase inspiration and creativity.

Chakrubs Crystal Obsidian Wand - Sin in Linen

Our Black Obsidian Wand is all about protection. With the power to absorb negative energy and release mental stress, this stone will also promote emotional well-being. If you are going through a particularly challenging chapter of life, this stone can provide strength and support, alleviate fears, and encourage you to feel comfortable in yourself and in your surroundings. Furthermore, this stone can create emotional stability, promote positive sexual health, and assist in self-control.

Women can change the future. But it starts with our spirits and bodies. Take care of yourself…and then take care of business.