Decadent Valentine’s Day Packs

Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And though the year has only just begun, I think we could all benefit from a little extra love right now. This holiday is a perfect reminder to hold the ones you love close, shower them with symbols of affection, and maybe have a little saucy-fun while you’re at it.

If you’re looking for gifts that can fit the personality of the person you love, no matter their type, we’ve got your covered. With our Valentine’s Day Packs there is something for everyone, whether you’re a little bit edgier, a little more playful, or just ready for a good old fashioned romp in the sack.

With our Park in the Dark Pack you will find yourself wanting to turn off the lights and turn on the fun. With these dangerously delicious items, you’re in store for some hardcore fantasies. Nighttime dreams will be anything from ordinary as you fall asleep atop this set of Tom of Finland pillowcases. A 100% soy peppermint candle from Nightshade Botanicals will focus our mind and aide in concentration as you tickle your fancies with a feather and a bar of Espresso Haute Chocolate.

For the edgier person in your life, give the epic Pussy Pack. This gift pack doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to searingly seductive Valentine’s plans. With these fun and fearless Vagina Pillowcases you won’t have to think twice about what needs a little extra TLC this holiday. Light the 100% soy sage candle from Nightshade Botanicals to clear the air of any negative energy and prepare your environment for some titillating feather tickling and enjoyment of a Rosemary Haute Chocolate Bar.

If you’re hoping to have a little more innocent fun, grab the one you love, grab your pillows, and get ready to romp with this Pillow Fight Pack. With a set of our Pink Pillow Fight Pillowcases you are guaranteed to frolic all night long. Help provide the perfect ambience of calm and centeredness with the 100% soy lavender calendar from Nightshade Botanical before you snatch the feather from the pack, let the semi-sweet Haute Chocolate melt in your mouth, and get ready for a night of seriously delightful whimsy.

Shopping for your loved ones isn’t always easy, considering how much everyone’s taste can vary. But with the variety of gift packs we offer, you’re certain to find something to please (and tease) everyone. Go ahead…try something new this Valentine’s Day.