How to decorate your apartment after graduation

Once the graduation caps have been thrown high in the air and the euphoria of accomplishing something amazing has started to fade it’s time to start thinking about your future. Whether you’re hunting for a new job, hoping to travel the world, or wondering if you’re ready for this whole “adulting” thing, one thing is for certain: you need a home base. How to decorate your apartment after graduation? It’s important that you make this home base yours by creating a sanctuary that reflects your style. From the colors you use to the pictures you hang on your walls, everything should be a conscious choice designed to make you feel like royalty in a castle.

When you graduate, you are also graduating from the lifestyle of a college student. No more dorms or pizza boxes stapled to the wall as decoration. Posters can be placed in frames now and beer can be drinked in a pint glass not red plastic cups. As you begin to contemplate the kind of sanctuary you want your post-graduate home to be, make sure it is a place that empowers you to follow your dreams once you step outside the front door.

Get yourself a new, beautiful duvet cover to transform your bedroom into a place of gorgeous decor. Or bring a heavy dose of character to your bathroom with a uniquely colorful shower curtain.

Don’t be afraid to take your new home in a darker direction. While many apartments have plain white walls, think of them as a blank canvas ready to be covered with whatever your heart desires. Find creative ways to bring your edgy and unique style into the space. If you’re looking for some decorating tips, let us help out!

Setting Up Your New Apartment

Choose Three Colors
Selecting your color pallette can help drive all your decor decisions. Whether you’re going with some bold like black, white, and red or something a little more subdued such as peach, blue and white, finding the color scheme that fits your personality can go a long way.

Think Outside the Box
Remember: a sheet doesn’t always have to be a sheet. A goblet doesn’t always need to be used for beverages. Find items you love and create new ways to use them. Hang a beautiful sheet against a blank wall, adding color and texture to a room. Use an antique goblet as something to store cotton balls or q-tips.

Be Ruthless
When it comes to choosing new decor items for your new apartment, be ruthless in your selection process. Only choose items that you truly love. That way you are surrounded by things that bring you joy. Everything you touch on a daily basis will remind you of your style, strength, and potential.

And don’t forget curtains! Whether your style is retro-chic, rock and roll, or a little more creepy-crawly, there is a design perfect for you.

Now that you’ve graduated from college it’s time to graduate the college lifestyle. Step into adulthood by making your apartment reflect your new, adult style. Decorate your apartment after graduation by being creative and expressing your true self.