Decorating with neutrals to make color POP

Exotic NeutralsDecorating with neutrals as a base is an effective way to make colors pop. Neutral home decor shouldn’t be boring. It is a great way to fully appreciate the impact that color can make in a room. Let’s explore two trends that are great examples of putting color to use with a neutral base – Chinoiserie and Bohemian Luxe. Founder of Sin in Linen, Sandy Glaze, shows us how.

ChinoiseChinoiserie is a beautiful home decor trend originating from 17 century Europeans fascinated with Chinese aesthetic. Chinoiserie literally means “Chinese-like” in French. This style has a strong focus on nature which is often applied to interiors on wallpaper and textiles. Often antiqued and weathered with neutral grounds, this is a delightful situation where pops of color make an eclectic statement. Bringing out colors of natural surroundings compliment the weathered backgrounds, much like you would see in a natural landscape.

chinoise-geisha-garden-curtainIn this example, we’ve used Sin in Linen’s Geisha Garden curtain and accented with a green wall and a vintage coral colored wall hanging. This theme gives the bathroom a springtime year-round feeling.  And who doesn’t want to feel fresh in the bathroom?

When you are looking for a way to tie-in many different looks in one place, this is a great style choice because it allows for an eclectic historic look that holds space for soft tones paired with rich accents of color. Laying down a base of neutrals allows you to weave in lots of colors and patterns that would otherwise come across as too busy.

Boho LuxeBohemian Lux is a fantastic style for working color into neutrals. With an exotic flair evoking Bedouin tents, gypsy caravans and Arabian nights; color can make dramatic impact. A bohemian designed bedroom can be very serene with lots of neutral tones layered with swirling paisley lines.

Using natural elements as accents such as bones, animal hides, shells and beach glass accentuate earth tones. Neutrals should be grounded not boring. Subtle tonal prints that evoke far away places gives a bedroom a sensual and dreamy quality.


045-BED-phone-800 copySin in Linen’s Henna Print bedding and decor is a perfect compliment to a bohemian lux decorated bedroom. Inspired by henna tattoos applied on the hands and feet of brides before weddings in India, this pattern graces a bed with a lovely eastern setting.

Layer with kantha quilts and animal prints for more of a gypsy look or let the print be the focal point with just a hint of a mahogany curtain or rug for an Indonesian vibe.

Decorating with neutrals can be fun. Use subtle tones to compliment and accent a life lived in full vibrant color. Oftentimes we need a stark contrast to bring out the best qualities of each element. Let your colors come to life on a stage set with earthy goodness. Have fun playing with Chinoise and Bohemian Lux styles to make your home personal and loved.

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