Fetish al Fresco: Embrace the End of Summer

As summer comes to an end and fall begins to appear, we want to strip down and frolic in a nearby garden of sin to soak up all the last bits of sun. The bedding collection, Fetish al Frescois the perfect treat for the end of summer and the perfect companion to the beginning of fall. Just because the temperatures are lowering doesn’t mean you can’t still find time for play. And, luckily, laying down a blanket in the garden of this new print is delightfully, sinfully, playful. You’ll want to dive into these scenes and spend some time with the ladies and gents who are enjoying their time outdoors. If you’re looking for a way to add a little fantasy-fun into your last days of summer, this new print will inspire you.

Just like most fantasies, Fetish al Fresco has layers of fun and cleverness. The longer you explore the design the more you begin to uncover. Birds dart through the sky and monkeys dangle from above. Butterflies, thigh-high boots, leather gloves and high heels decorate this design with delightful detail.

It’s time you turn up the heat on your last few summer activities. Check out these tricks for making your end of summer that much hotter (and delight in our sinful fresh fantasy below)…

How to Embrace Naughty End-of-Summer Fun

Sinful Stroll in the Park: As the trees outside begin to realize summer is coming to an end, their leaves will begin to change color. One of the best ways to enjoy the last days of summer is by getting outside and noticing the vibrant colors in each tree. If you’re looking for a way to kick up the heat, take your partner with you on the stroll and count how many trees you notice changing color. For every tree you count the other person has to remove one item of clothing once you’re back home.

Sunset Snacks: Pack a basket full of your favorite romantic snacks. From strawberries to cheese to grapes, find finger foods that are perfect for a date night. Then take your partner with you to a neighborhood vista, somewhere you can watch the sunset from the comforts of your car. Take turns feeding each other the sinful snacks, enjoy the warm colors of the late-summer sunset, and then see what other activities you can think to do inside your car.

Room Romp: One of the ways you can prepare your home for the transition between summer and fall is by exchanging summer items for fall items. Store away any lighter items you may have lying around and pull out your favorite warm comforters, blankets, and candles. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your forward-thinking decor movement, grab your honey and see just how hot things can get under your new comforter.



The gardens had originally been designed for the queen of the land. Centuries ago she had paid over a thousand men to grow, sculpt, and shape these 300 acres of wild land into her personal garden of Eden. Now, after the queen was long gone and the government owned the gardens, professional guides gave tours of the grounds to the general public. And today was a slow day.

The guide looked out at her small tour group, just a young family of four and a single man dressed in a three-piece suit. She made sure her black tour guide blazer was buttoned, adjusted her feet in her black high heels, and began the tour where it always began: by the massive fountain. As she began to explain the history of the fountain ad the architect who designed it, one of the small children began to complain of needing to use the restroom. Apologetically, the whole family departed in search of a restroom saying they would come back another day. This left the guide alone with the man in the three-piece suit. She wasn’t certain, but she thought she saw something twinkle in his eye. It made her smile.

Wandering through the garden she explained the history of the topiary designs. She pointed out the rare sculptures to their left. Waving a hand she described the philosophy behind the sunken rose garden. Butterflies flit through the air as the chatter of wildlife hummed around them.

They came to a heavily wooded area where dark shadows reached towards them. She paused and glanced over her shoulder. The man in the three-piece suit glanced over his shoulder as well.

Reaching behind a nearby tree trunk, she pulls out a coil of rope.

“Good,” she said smiling at the man. “Now we can begin the tour you actually came for.”