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The 1960’s was an era that seemed to vibrate with change and turmoil. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the war burning in Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement, and the threat of atomic war, left a lingering atmosphere of uncertainty. Americans turned to comforts in which they knew they could indulge and enjoy, such as music and good old fashioned food.

The Beach Boys serenaded mid-century modern dwellings with a promise of picking up “Good Vibrations” in 1966. The increase of televisions in every home, along with an increase in two-occupation households, saw the rise in TV Dinners. Using oven mitts and pot-holders, the whole family could pluck a steaming plastic meal from the microwave and settle in for an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies.

The kitchen jumped on board the Quick,_Easy_Jell-O_Wonder_Dishes_1930_Covertrend of Space Age fun, embracing anything prepackaged and canned. Jell-O, Campbells, Kool-Aid, and Lipton’s Onion Dip all made appearances at parties and neighborhood barbecues. Many of these items can still be found today, so next time you’re in the mood for some retro eats, look no further than your local grocery store.

If you’re hoping to make a sinfully fun cocktail for your next party check out the “Gin and Sin” drink below! And read on for Today’s Fresh Fantasy . . .

Gin & Sin from mix that drink


1 and 1/2 ounces Gin

1 ounces Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp Fresh Orange Juice

1 Tsp Grenadine


Shake the ingredients together over ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a delicate glass. Wipe up any naughty spills with an Atomic Dreams dish towel!


Today’s Fresh Fantasy
Party Games

As you prepare for your husband’s coworkers to arrive for the cocktail party, you check your hair one last time in the mirror. The curls you set earlier in the day are still there and your lipstick is as red as the fresh roses you’ve placed on the table. Everything is ready. The Jell-O salad and cocktails are waiting on the counter and Beef Bourguignon, from Julia Child’s new French cookbook, is heating in the oven. Soon, the doorbell rings. Five of your husband’s coworkers and their wives spill into your home, their suits, ties, and pearl necklaces looking shinier than a new penny. As they mingle in the kitchen you realize you’ve forgotten to place a cloth on the kitchen table. Rushing to smooth the colorful fabric across the table, you realize everyone around you is smiling. One of the wive’s holds up a bottle of wine and places it side-down on the table cloth. “Anyone up for some spin the bottle?” She asks with a sly grin and you can feel your heart begin to race with excitement.