Gothic Bedding For A Seductive Bedroom

Enter a world of dark eleganceWhen we think of Gothic style, the cult favorite 1980s goth rock band The Cure is one of the first icons that comes to mind. Robert Smith’s teased hair, black lipstick and Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles all play a part in this genre’s deep historical roots in music, fashion and literature, and who doesn’t appreciate good old-fashioned dark and dangerous cultural references? noble-blood-vampire-chronicles-squareWe’ve always looked to counter culture for inspiration when dreaming up new linens for your home. Lately we’ve been playing with this darker genre for home decor and it translates beautifully to help create a perfectly seductive love-nest in the bedroom. Gothic bedding creates a bold focus on the largest design element of the bedroom, the bed, of course! We’ve designed several patterns that compliment those who are dark at heart.

Favorites include the baroque Victorian Gothic Wallflower Damask print, the intense Black and White Striped print, and the Skull Star line. There’s something for every dark heart! Plan a bewitching slumber party for you and your sweetie(s) and watch their eyes grow big when they see the sexy trap they’ve fallen into. Skull-bedding-014B-BED-850x315tumblr_m8zba556Wa1rdq2opo1_500Recently, we shot our 2015 pinup calendar and were really inspired by the dark glamor of the late 60’s glam rock movement. The Geisha Moon Tattoo line captures that elegance with thin, golden line work on a midnight background. Mysterious geisha, magical koi and peacocks and delicate blossoms decorate this bedding, drawing you in, begging you to sink luxuriously into an opiate haze of lust with your lover. You can almost see David Bowie languidly lounging on these sheets asking “won’t you light me another cigarette, dahling?”. While the Thin White Duke doesn’t actually come with the bedding, that glam rock luxury is well within your grasp. Seize that vibe and set the stage for an incredibly sexy evening of frisky darkness.

043B-BED-1000Don’t forget the devil in the details! The phrase “all black everything” is popular these days, and we are big believers in it. Black adds mystery and drama.  Why not pick up a Solid Black Sheet Set to pair with the sumptuously dark details of the Geisha Moon Tattoo Duvet Cover– black on black really is the new black. Be so goth it hurts! Now that’s some gothic style you can really sink your teeth into.