Interview with Miss Indigo Blue: Burlesque Expertease

Last week we spent some time exploring the world of Burlesque with one of our pinup models, Miss Indigo Blue, who helped us introduce the world to Sin in Linen’s Geisha Garden Tattoo design. Burlesque embraces a lot of the same values that Sin in Linen cherishes, such as encouraging women to explore self-expression and find confidence in their bodies.
Now we are thrilled to help you get to know Miss Indigo Blue even more! She graciously agreed to answer some questions for us and we are beyond excited to share her beautiful answers with you. We can’t thank Miss Indigo Blue enough for taking the time to share her thoughts with us . . . the epitome of grace and beauty.
1) What inspires you as an artist and keeps you going through challenging times?
“I’m inspired by the world around me – from my garden to fabrics I find in thrift stores, from a song I hear on KEXP to the powerful women I have the opportunity to work with all the time. I am particularly inspired lately by the incredible creativity, vibrance, and originality of the burgeoning Seattle Burlesque Scene.  And, of course, cat videos.
This last year I’ve struggled with physical injury and recuperation, which has been one of the most challenging things I’ve personally encountered.  For a dancer and athlete, physical limitations are incredibly frustrating. I have found motivation in my admiration of female triathletes over 40, elders who are weightlifters, and of course the incredible “little old ladies” of Burlesque who perform well into their 80’s.
But it has been my very small circle of besties: my partner, close friends and co-workers, who truly keep me going when the going gets rough.
2) What is the most exciting part of being engaged in the world of Burlesque? 
“It’s really fun to be involved in the scene! Of course, Perle Noire on speed dial is definitely one of my favorite parts.
Joking aside, it’s incredible to be part of an artistic realm (really, almost a MOVEMENT) that so adamantly insists on women’ autonomy, creativity, sexuality, independence, and freedom of expression.  I am gratified to be a founder of BurlyCon Burlesque Convention, which is a forum for performers to learn, grow, and engage in meaningful dialogue about the content of our work and its impact on audiences.  It’s incredible to see so many new people find an outlet for their creative expression through Burlesque!
3) What advice do you have for someone who is hoping to develop more self-confidence?
“One of my favorite dance teachers ever told me that if I was ever coming late to class, I had better look FABULOUS.  If I just showed up late because I was being a lazy slacker, I might as well not come to class. But if I showed up late because I was making myself beautiful to honor the spirits of the dance, then FINE – show up FABULOUS!
On that note:
1. Take good care of yourself!  If you take the time to care for your presentation, you will feel better about yourself!
2. Say “I love you” to yourself in the mirror 10 times every morning!  Affirmations really do help, and they replace all the negative messages floating around in society.
3. Find what you LOVE and do more of it!  Confidence comes from taking actions towards your goals and dreams. There is no replacement for hard work!”

Learn more about Indigo Blue through the Academy of Burlesque website.