KAPOW! New Pink Pillow Fight Print


Our fans spoke and we listened: our Pillow Fight print is coming out in a new color! Due to the incredible popularity of this whimsically fun print we are launching it in a breathtaking new pink version. Yum!

Designed by one of our favorite artists, Lady Weird, these charming sheets have captured the hearts and imaginations of playful bedrooms everywhere. Inspired by “vintage sleaze” this design accentuates the carefree sexuality that everyone should feel with their own body. Pinup girls are surrounded by whimsical frozen feathers as they frolic around together, reminding everyone that you can do so much more in the bedroom than just sleep.

But our new pink Pillow Fight sheets have a deeper meaning. As Lady Weird shared when we interviewed her, “I think sexiness is an inner beauty.” We couldn’t agree more. Which is why even though our Pillow Fight print is definitely one of our more playful prints (I mean, come on, these ladies make us want to quit our day job and spend all day playing in bed) it stands for so much more.

We actually don’t want to quit our day jobs, not even a little bit, because Sin in Linen stands for everything we believe in. And in spite of the new pink Pillow Fight being lighthearted we are also proudly calling it “Pussy Pink” because: solidarity. With the new color being inspired by the Pink Panther , this new pink print helps us express our passion for female power. We are committed to supporting woman’s rights, standing with our sisters in strength, and helping others feel empowered.

This not just another print. It’s a pussy revolution.

As a woman founded and woman owned company, Sin in Linen stands firm in their stance for woman’s rights. Our community is bold, breathtakingly beautiful in its individuality, and fearless. Go ahead, play around in the new Pussy Pink Pinup Pillow Fight sheets…see who you can get all riled up.

Pink Pillow Fight