Kitchen Linens to Spice Up a Spring BBQ Party

At long last… it’s finally Spring! That magical time of year for growth and renewal. Blooming flowers and a shining sun invite us out of our winter slumber and urge us to get ourselves outside. When the seasons transition, so do we as humans. Some people might pack away their heavy coats and scarves in the attic, others begin a grueling fitness routine and go on diets, and some people go mad cleaning the house from top to bottom! Whether you’re starting a new garden bed or getting back on that bicycle for a sunny ride, Sin in Linen is here with the Springtime cheer!

Tablecloth-2Kickoff Spring with a fun backyard barbecue! Opening up the home is a guaranteed way to shed that reclusive vibe of winter. A barbecue is a great way to get reacquainted with friends and neighbors after a long winter season. Stumped on what to make for your party? Fear not, intrepid party planners. Potato salad is the quintessential barbecue party dish, and we at Sin in Linen know all about parties! We’ve scoured (well, more like Googled)  the internet for a potato salad recipe that says “Spring is Here!” This recipe for Creamy Cucumber and Grilled Potato Salad certainly fits the bill. This starchy potluck favorite becomes transformed from a comfort food to a lighter, more vernal fare by the use of fresh herbs and a light dressing, in addition to partially preparing it on a grill! Mmm… now our mouths are watering. Pass us a towel, would you?

tA5Cw1g0WymQPMoXBz8Bhn5eULykVXiTCoEnktfttWM,5d2JduOQW_wvIbjMjKOGAxVTAvh4d-XtAYWBRrGFWsI,sqlT3teAdwEkT-s5AYb-gRK08_2JhAWKX5sjHNbwtbcOf course, one should not prepare a delicious dish (especially for guests) without the proper protection- no, you don’t need a hazmat suit to make potato salad, we’re talking about Kitchen Linens! Sin in Linen’s exciting array of Kitchen Linen Sets will suit any style of home decor and spice up the kitchen (pun totally intended) while keeping your party frocks safe and clean.

D03-APR-RUBY-800Aprons with a handy pocket to hold your flask, a pot holder and oven mitt to keep you from getting burnt, and a towel to mop up your guests’ drool are all you’ll need to be Spring BBQ party ready! Did you know: all of these items are available individually as well for mix and match capability. Yes! You really can have it all for the Spring ball.

Browse a diverse selection of aprons, table linens, and towels and dress up your kitchen & backyard. Whether you’re a fan of graphic zebra print, old-school tattoos, dreamy Geisha, spicy henna art, or Victorian-influenced toile, Sin in Linen is locked and loaded with an explosion of vibrant designs for your Springtime soiree and give your guests (and yourself) an unforgettable experience.