Let’s Clear Your Space


Let’s get real: 2016 has been a difficult year for a variety of reasons. We thought it would be a good time to help you find ways to clear out any negative energy that might be lingering in the air. Let’s clear out your space. Together, we will rise above the challenges of this year and restore our focus on love, peace, and rock and roll.

Curl Up & Chocolate-Up

When searching for ways to return to a place of safety and comfort, sometimes the best answers are also the simplest. Healing and comfort does not have to be too complicated. There are times when you may feel helpless in transforming your space, as if you are powerless against the negative energy you feel. But remember: you contain the same power as the sun, moon, and stars. You have the capacity for positive growth. For peace. For tranquility. And it’s always important to never underestimate the simple pleasures you can incorporate into your days to clear your space and clear the air.

For example, take into consideration the power of a good blanket, a soft embrace that will help all your muscles relax and your heart feel at home. Everyone knows the phrase “curl up with a good book,” so we encourage you to take some time for yourself. Grab your favorite cozy blanket, nestle into a comfortable corner of your home, and get lost in a dreamscape of words. Curling up, maybe with a steaming cup of herbal tea beside you, can reduce stress and anxiety and return your heart to a place of comfort and positivity.

And if you’re looking for sweet indulgence, something that can immediately boost your mood and lavish you in decadence, treat yourself to some Haute Chocolate. These opulent  chocolates, created by entrepreneur and feminist rabble-rouser Beryl Fine, are created with goddesses, bad girls, and femme fatales in mind. So go ahead. Indulge and delight. #justputitinyourmouth


Harness the Power of Scent

While you focus on bringing positive energy into your space and releasing any residual negative energy, give some thought to what sort of emotions you want in your home. Do you dream of a home that feels tranquil and calm? Do you hope for a space that will energize you and help you get ready to conquer the day?

Luckily there are scents you can use to help harness these energies and fill your home with purpose. And what better (or warmer) way to invite these goals into your space than through a botanical candle or an essential oil linen spray? Some of our absolute favorite candles and sprays are created by small batch artisan apothecary, Nightshade Botanicals. With a focus on being rooted in nature, each of these scents embraces old world botanical herbalism with modern alchemy.

If you are looking to purify your space, bringing a sacred blessing to your home, try this Bless candle.

If you hope for a space that enlivens your concentration, mental clarity, and helps clear out lingering emotions, give this Clear candle a try.

And for anyone looking to transform their bedtime routine into one that is focused on clearing away all negative energy, check out this luxurious smudge linen spray. It can change the way you sleep, from one of restlessness to one of clarity, healing, and love.

There is power within actively clearing out your air, in making a conscious choice to choose positive environments. Use that power to accentuate everything you desire in your newly cleared out space.