Get Lost in a Cabin in the Woods




As you slink a little deeper beneath your sheets, the warm sleeping body of your partner beside you, you try to decipher if the scratching at the cabin window is just a tree branch or something else . . . or someone else. The night wind continues to swirl dry leaves in the forest outside and your heart races as shadows flicker past the window. You start to wonder if there’s an activity you can do to take your mind off everything.

This month at Sin in Linen we are helping you celebrate all things dark, sexy, and just a little dangerous. And what a better way to combine all three than escaping city-living life and spending some isolated time in a cabin in the woods. Why not take a few days to hide away among the trees and mist? By escaping your everyday life you are seeking the seductive thrill of the unknown. Be sure to bring all the essentials to make sure you are comfortable and are able to stay alive. Need a little inspiration? Let us help you transform your home (and your fantasies) into a horror-movie-worthy cabin in the woods.

Turn Your Home into a Cabin in the Woods

  • Stay Hot As You Fall Asleep: You’ll want to make sure you bring along cozy sheets that will keep you warm during those cold, forest nights. The walls might be thin and you need to keep your temperature up. Never scrimp on the quality of your bedding since that is where you are most likely to be letting out blood-curdling screams. 
    The Shining Blanket
  • Hide Under Blankets: If you hear a strange noise outside or if the power suddenly goes out, you’ll always want a reliable and sturdy blanket to hide under. This horror-inspired blanket, with patterns from the iconic carpet in the film The Shining will do the trick. With the same colorful blocking as the carpet Danny plays atop in The Overlook hotel, you’ll find yourself begging for mercy.
  • Watch in Horror: Take advantage of the great classic horror films, much like The Shining and curl up to watch their noir brilliance. Whether it’s Rosemary’s Baby, House on Haunted Hill, The Bad Seed or the film The House of Usher based off the Edgar Allan Poe short story, you’ll instantly be transported into the world of bone-chilling fear.
  • Light a Fire: If dark spirits seem to be creeping into your home under the door-jamb, you might need to take some action and clear the air. While not every cabin has a functioning fireplace, you can grab one of these 100% soy “Clear” candles designed specifically for cleansing rituals.


Today’s Fresh Fantasy

The dark night sky seems to press in around you as stars flicker between the swaying branches above. You take one more glance at your car, its hood lifted, steam spilling from its bowels, and start walking down the gravel road.  You know you passed a cabin about a mile back. You’d seen the faint glow of its windows deep behind the trees. You wrap your jacket tight against your body and start daydreaming about the cabin’s warm fire and cozy blankets. After a while you come upon a dirt driveway and see the amber haze of the cabin at the end. As you approach the large structure you start to hear quiet classical music and what sounds suspiciously like human moaning. Knocking on the door, you question if you should even be doing this. Just as you are about to turn around a man, shirtless, bronzed, and glistening with sweat opens the door. Behind him you see a large couch where two partially-dressed woman lay smiling and breathing heavily. You start to stammer something about your car breaking down when the man grins and asks, “care to join?”