Modernism Week – Midcentury Design


A life of leisure. Sleek designs. Kitschy fun. These concepts are the essence of midcentury modern decor.

Popular in the mid-20th century, this style of design and decor flourished in the warm temperatures of Southern California and particularly in the arid and chic city of Palm Springs. With palm trees reaching for blue skies and expansive desert landscapes stretching towards foothills, midcentury modern decor has its roots in places of leisure. Whether you preferred swimming, tennis clubs, golf, or horseback riding, places like Palm Springs practically beg visitors to forget their troubles and only seek out activities that will bring them joy.

The same went for midcentury architecture. It refused to be cumbersome or unattractive. The designs aimed to eliminate unnecessary bulk. It embraced windows, clean lines, and an integration of natural elements. Open layouts seemed to encourage warm summer parties, with chairs such as the deceptively simple Eames chairs welcomed guests to stay and lounge for a while.

Celebrities flocked to Palm Springs and to the chic LA midcentury style vibe. With them they brought glamour, wealth, bohemian energy, and sex. As more and more homes popped up across Los Angeles and Palm Springs, more and more people hopped on the mod train.

One way people continue to celebrate everything midcentury modern is with the annual Modernism Week in Palm Springs.  With a mission “to celebrate and foster appreciation of midcentury architecture and design, as well as contemporary thinking in these fields, by encouraging education, preservation and sustainable modern living as represented in Palm Springs.”

For one week you can immerse yourself in midcentury design, architecture, art, fashion, and culture. There are over 250 events from which to choose, including films, lectures, nightly parties, Signature Home Tours, live music, fashion, modern garden tours, and more.

If you’re hoping to incorporate this fun-loving and chic vibe into your own home, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got a variety of different midcentury modern inspired designs that will bring a retro glam to your space. Our Atomic Dreams collection is rich with earthen tones and dreamy shapes, while our Modern Vibes collection provides a more clean look with a bit of edge.

If you want to make your living space feel like you are surrounded by blue skies, palm trees, and the sound of sexy people splashing in a desert-surrounded-pool, midcentury modern is the way to go.