Moon Phase Magic: Table Linens

sun-god☾From the dawn of the human race, cultures have honored the Moon with countless stories and works of art. It seems nearly every society has recognized the power of Earth’s natural satellite companion. The magic and myth, her ever-changing silhouette mirroring the ever-changing cycle of female bodies and human emotions. The Moon is connected to our wisdom and intuition, creativity and ritual, nature and home.

Therefore, it was completely natural for us at Sin in Linen to pay tribute to the Moon’s mystical beauty with a gorgeous new line of table linens featuring a Moon phase, the Triple MoonE02-TC-SQ-1000 (a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning Moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities), and other mystical imagery rendered exquisitely in soft, golden embroidery. Introducing Moon Phase Table Linens. One-hundred percent cotton cloth, machine washable, durable and beautiful. All items in the collection are available in night-sky black or full-Moon white with designs wrought in decadent gold embroidery.

The Details

  • Apron featuring Triple Goddess Moon image plus 2 pocketscrystal-ball-reading
  • Square Tablecloth featuring cardinal direction Moon Phase image
  • Rectangular Tablecloth featuring 7 stages of Moon Phase image
  • Table Runner featuring 7 stages of Moon Phase image
  • Set of 4 Cloth Napkins featuring Crescent Moon image on each corner

These table linens are so very beautiful, we wanted to share some ideas of other ways to utilize them in your home and life.

E02-NAP2-1000For example, the long Table Runner or even the Rectangular Tablecloth would be a lovely backdrop for a witchy altar. The images of the Moon inspire connectedness with the Yin, or dark side of ourselves. This is not inherently negative, but is a time of subconscious creativity flowing free. Here is a great little how-to guide for making Moon Water, which is a necessity for any Moon altar!

E01-APR-1000Or, explore your inner spiritual goddess by hosting an intimate outdoor nighttime soiree featuring Moongazing, a bonfire and perhaps a tarot or crystal ball reading. Charge quartz crystals and silver jewellry in the Moonlight. Meditate and allow yourself to remain open to the creative energy, perhaps journaling or sketching in the light of the Moon.

Each night, if we are mindful, we should remember to pay attention to which one of the Moon’s lovely faces are showing, and be grateful for all the mystical beauty in the natural world. Draw down the Moon with new Moon Phase table linens, bringing the heavens into your home