Retro Holiday Kitsch


As the year comes to a close, December is the perfect month to refocus your energy and thoughts on things that bring you joy. For many of us, this means we crank up the wintery tunes, rip open our dusty boxes of retro holiday decorations, and transform our home into a wonderland of cheer and confectionary goodness.

One of our favorite ways to get in the right mindset (aka a naughty and nice mindset with an emphasis on the naughty) is by turning our home into a kitschy dreamland of retro holiday kitsch awesome’ness.

So, come.

Join us.

Let’s do this! Let’s go full on retro, full on glitter, full on over-the-top holiday decor. There’s no better way to end this year than by giving the middle finger to catalogues that try to tell us our holiday decor should be colorless and “tasteful.” Who are we inviting over? The Pope?

No way. The holidays are fun. They are a time for sequins and whipped cream and tinsel. Fun with a capital F and a capital U. There is no better way to have a little fun than making your home look like a John Waters film collided with Charles Phoenix….like the Prince of Puke is mashed up with the Ambassador of Americana. Mmmm, yes.

We want to help you bring some light to your home this month. We want you to surround yourself with positive energy, positive people, and the most seriously kitschy decorations you can find. Our favorite retro decor is our Atomic Dreams print. It oozes with retro vibes and is designed by the fantastic California artist, Ragnar. From curtains and valances, to aprons and even baby bedding, this gorgeous mid-century modern design has us wanting to flip on the turntable and dance barefoot in our twinkle-lit living room.


If this year has beaten you down a bit, we get it. We hear you. Use this time of year to cleanse out your space and fill it with only good things. Have a little fun. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and support you. Meanwhile, we’ll be here for you…making sure your coming year is full of cheer (naughty, naughty cheer).