Rock and Roll Decor with Ministry guitarist, Sin Quirin

For this month’s installment of Bedtime Stories we are beyond excited to catch up with Ministry guitarist, Sin Quirin, at his Los Angeles home. Some of you may know Quirin from his former role as guitarist for the American-Belgian industrial rock band, Revolting Cocks. We caught up with Quirin during a visit to LA where we got to not only check out his epic collection of Sin in Linen, but also hear about his upcoming projects.

When it comes to Quirin’s tastes from Sin in Linen he goes for all things black! In his home you’ll find Skull Star Sheets, the Pirate Skull duvet cover and the Moon Phase Duvet Cover. He’s found the perfect combination of hardcore style for his hardcore lifestyle, that is also luxurious to the touch. It’s such an honor to know that someone like Sin Quirin turns to Sin in Linen for rock and roll decor to compliment his home.

One of the things we love about Quirin, something that sets him apart, is his commitment to giving back. Whether it’s to the country of his heritage or to the animal charity Show Your Soft Side, Quirin has a heart that’s even bigger than his hardcore personality.

Sin Quirin is proud of his Mexican heritage and when we caught up with him in LA he was about to leave for Mexico. His visit was focused on providing free guitar lesson clinics. His trip, sponsored by Schecter Guitars, will be a way for Quirin to connect with the youth of Mexico and use his skills with the guitar to inspire those he meets. (Fun side note, Schecter Guitars also sponsor or have sponsored such artists as Prince, Cheap Trick, and The Cure who are currently on tour with Schecter Guitars in hand!)

sin-quirin-show-soft-sideWhen Quirin isn’t traveling to Mexico or touring with Ministry, he is using his influence to help raise awareness of animal abuse through the non-profit, Show Your Soft Side. This organization was formed after an alarming increase in animal abuse in the Baltimore area. They seek to transform the mindset of some young people who might view maiming and torturing of animals as a sign of “toughness” or “manhood.” The campaign recruits all variety of athletes, musicians, etc who show that being a man is a multi-faceted experience. Quirin loves being able to show his “softer side” by contributing to this campaign and we love him for it!

It was so cool to catch up with Sin Quirin and to get a glimpse into his life. He’s got a dreamy badass exterior with incredible guitar chops, all while possessing the super sweetest center. And much like Sin in Linen, he is soft with hardcore style.

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