The Serenity of Fall in the Bedroom


As the world outside our windows explodes with the colors of fall, it’s exciting to think of ways you can incorporate all that beauty and serenity into your everyday life. One of the most subtle (yet powerful) ways you can draw the heart stopping energy of the fall season indoors is through scent in the bedroom.

What are the scents you associate with fall? What wild amber glow floats through the air, drifts across your path, and transports you to a childhood filled with leaping into leave-piles?

Maybe you can close your eyes and feel the cool rush of the first rainfall, moisture hitting the streets, and cooling everything dry from summer’s harsh sun. Maybe you can smell the earthy pull of a damp forest floor. Can you taste that early morning fog? Do you feel the calming scent of a crisp midnight air?

One of the best ways to bring serenity into your bedroom routine is through the use of soothing scents.

For example, there are exquisite linen sprays that allow you to give your pillow, sheets, and comforter an enchanting essence of calm. They are safe, easy to use, and surprisingly effective when it comes to bringing the stillness and peace of a fall evening into your home.

We’re in love with this dreamy linen spray designed by Nightshade Botanicals and new at Sin in Linen. Simply spritz this gentle spray across any surface you wish and breathe in the tranquil results.

Looking for other creative ways to immerse your bedroom into a state of serenity? Check out these breathtaking tips:

An Infused Bath

If you’re seeking a way to mix up your evening routine and incorporate some of the quietly powerful scents of fall into your night, consider taking an essential oil  bath. You can choose from a variety of different essential oils, all of which have their own property and effect. For example, lavender has a long history of being used for its relaxation qualities.

Placing a few drops of lavender oil into your bath will quickly fill your bedroom with the calming and peaceful scents. Close your eyes and envision yourself walking alone through a tranquil lavender field, the cool wind of fall brushing against your face.

Infusing your bath routine with an essential oil not only transforms the bath itself, but follows you into the rest of your bedtime routine.

Pillow Power

Another way you can pull the serenity of fall into your evening routine is by placing several drops of an essential oil on your pillowcases before you lay down to fall asleep. When it comes to selecting the right essential oil for your pillow consider the sleep-aiding nature of chamomile or the sinus soothing qualities of eucalyptus.

Spend some time connecting with your inner core; what emotions are you feeling at the moment? Where are your sources of tension or stress?

When you discover points of pain or of complexity, take a moment to unravel these and consider which essential oil might most benefit for your evening.


As the trees change their colors in a scene-stealing display of color revolution outside there are ways you can capture this breathtaking sense of fall serenity within your own home. Consider the power of scent and find ways to embrace the harmonious energy of fall.