Sideshow Bedding: Because Life’s A Circus

Side Show Bedding: Because life’s a circus!

Step Right upSP-600-600-2D64B900C44BCFD412A4231CB1A70E06Ah, circus life. Exciting rides, exotic performers, and all the fried food-on-a-stick you can stomach! There’s a tangible magic in the atmosphere even the most stodgy person can feel at the circus. Something about the flashing lights and scent of caramel popcorn brings out the kid in all of us. The night is warm and electrified with potential- you might win a stuffed toy at a game of skill, have your palm read by a fortune teller, or chase an adrenaline rush on a fast ride that spins you in circles. This magical vibe is what Sin in Linen has captured with a curated selection of soft home goods in designs new and old.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.15.11 AMMuch like you can’t have a circus without a striped tent, you can’t have a cozy bed without a comforter! Have your funnel cake and eat it too- the Black and White Striped Comforter combines comfort with the essence of the circus life. The big acts take place in the Big Top, so why not treat your bed with the same fanfare? Bold and pleasingly simple monochromatic bars set the stage for building the sideshow of your dreams! Don’t forget to grab a Black and White Striped Bed Skirt to complete this base look. Bed skirts are great for hiding under-bed storage (perhaps your lion-taming whip?) and keeping dust bunnies at bay! Make your Big Top dreams come true.

rainbow-circus-cropSpeaking of sideshows, sometimes you want to make things a bit more punched up. For a more dramatic look (such as psychedelic circus sideshow), the Rainbow Pride Duvet Cover is just the ticket. The stripes and color palette of this hyperreal design instantly recalls oversized lollipops, cotton candy and bunches of multicolored balloons. What is a circus but a feast for the eyes? Your home should be as well. Let this chromatic superstar steal the show and fill the room with a spectrum of colors!

Feasting the eyes on sideshow freaks may be a thing of yesteryear, but Sin in Linen is pleased to bring you that strange and slightly forbidden joy again. Now that you’ve built a bedroom in a carnival theme, its time to decorate it with some accents. Satin throw pillows in a vintage circus sideshow motif are the perfect complement! Grab the Mermaid Sideshow Pillow, the Snake Charmer Sideshow Pillow, the Tattooed Lady Sideshow Pillow or all three to really bring carny life to your new room.

circus footerSin in Linen can turn your bedroom into your very own circus- where you are the star of the show!