Spice Up Your Dorm Room With New Bedding

Spice up

Now that the warm days of summer are coming to a close it’s time to start thinking about the start of the school year. Every year thousands of students head off to college and march into nondescript dorm rooms with colorless walls. Dorm rooms often have about as much character as a faded old sock. It’s up to you to bring it to life!

Instead of feeling limited by the bland walls around you, look at them as a blank canvas waiting for your vision. How will you display your personality through design and style? When someone walks by your open door, what will they notice about your room?

While yes, you usually just have a very small space and yes, you usually just have a very small twin sized bed to sleep in, that doesn’t mean you can’t still pack a decorating punch. Don’t settle for the standard. It’s common for college students to all shop at the same large, generic stores and come back to their room with similar, generic, furnishings and linens. If you find yourself wandering the aisles of these big stores unable to find anything that matches your style, look around a little more.

Know that you can use bold colors and daring designs to help capture your own recent boldness of attending college. It takes courage to attend college and your surroundings should reflect this courage. When you slip into your bed at the end of a long day of studying (or partying) you want to be in a bed that represents your personality.

If you’re looking for some fun dorm decorating ideas, check out our list below! Then indulge in Today’s Fresh Fantasy . . .

  1. Attach ping pong balls to a standard set of holiday lights — it will give your dorm a vintage vibe and trendy feel.
  2. Turn an affordable frame into a useful whiteboard by placing a colorful sheet of paper of image behind the glass.
  3. Drape curtains along the top of your bed to create a canopy-bed effect.
  4. Grab a variety of colorful Washi tape and create whimsical designs on your wall. Use the tape to hold up pictures or inspirational quotes.
  5. Hang a vibrant tapestry on your wall for an added pop of texture and color.


Today’s Fresh Fantasy
Artistic Eye

You’ve noticed the guy with the long, dark hair and downcast eyes a few times now. You’re pretty sure he lives on the third floor of your dormitory. Your roommate tells you he’s an art major, which you’re inclined to believe since he has paint splotches covering the tops of his black tennis shoes. Whenever you pass him in the hall you try to get up the nerve to say hi, but every time you lose your nerve and just keep walking. Every time you regret not saying something. This afternoon had been no different. You’d seen him turn the corner ahead of you, his shoulders curved just slightly inward, and you’d felt your heart skip a beat. But as you passed one another you’d felt like you’d lost your voice. So here you sit at your desk, turning the pages on your humanities textbook, daydreaming. Suddenly, there is a knock at your door. You look up and freeze as that familiar mane of dark hair steps into your room. “I noticed your bedspread a few days ago,” he said pointing at your brand new duvet. “I like the skull, it’s like a piece of artwork.” As you try to think of something to say, you watch him lightly touch the bright red fabric. He looks up and meets your eyes, “Want to give it something to watch?”