How To Stay Cool in Bed


How to Stay Cool in Bed (in the Summer)

When it comes to being cool in bed, we usually talk about style. But in the middle of Summer, it’s the temperature we are talking about. Being fresh and on top of your game requires a good night of sleep. If you’re sweating while trying to get your winks, it’s just not restful. So when the mercury rises, keep your cool with these easy tips.

Cold Compress – You can get these at the drugstore in different sizes. Keep a couple of these in the fridge so that one is at the ready while the other is being used. Put on pulse points, wrists, forehead and back of the neck. A big one on your chest will cool you right down.

Cool your pillow cases – Slip them in a plastic bag and put them in the fridge before going to bed. It won’t last all night but it’s a great way to have a cool pillow when you first hit the hay. If the mind has that first sensation of a brisk pillow, it sets the tone for a nice sleep.

Ice – Suck on ice before going to bed. Since you don’t want to down a bunch of cold drinks before sleeping (hello 3am bathroom break), ice is a great way to cool down. Fun tip alert! If you have a partner joining you in bed, share the sensation of the ice in your mouth when kissing the mouth and all over the body.

Lighter colors – It’s a psychological shift but lighter color décor in the summer months feels fresher.

100% Cotton Bedding – Cotton wicks moisture from the skin and is breathable. Sleep on 100% cotton bedding. Not only does it feel best on the skin, it will keep you cooler at night.

Duvet Cover as a blanket – One of our favorite comfort hacks in the summer months is to take the duvet out of the duvet cover and just use the cover over the sheets. It’s much cooler and still has a bit of weight on top of just the top sheet.

Most of all, don’t let the heat get to you. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and stay positive. One of our fav songs when the temperature rises is Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Too Darn Hot’. Get some cool jazz on a hot night to lighten the mood.

We hope this helps you stay cool at night this summer. Do you have any favorite methods to beat the heat during the summer?