Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Sparks

Summer Solstice is upon us. This date marks the longest day of the year, a day that signals the start of summer and a time for growth and renewal. It’s a time to celebrate all that the sun embodies: warmth, growth, nurturing energy, and light. 

Sunsets occur late in the evening, warm summer light filling our days and stretching out the hours. We might find ourselves running barefoot through a field or falling asleep under the stars, summer’s fresh air filling our lungs. Solstice is also often associated with themes of fertility, which makes this year’s Solstice even more special as it aligns with the full moon.

June 20th marks the rise of the Full Strawberry Moon, which just so happens to fall on the same date as Summer Solstice. This full moon earned it’s name from a history in marking the season for harvesting ripe fruit. This sense of abundance, a time for growth and lush ripeness, echoes the way the moon and sun live in cycles.

One of the most special aspects of these occasions is the way they connect us to ancient civilizations. For thousands of years people have tracked the path of the sun across the sky. We can find stone structures, such as Stonehenge in England, reminding us of how connected we’ve always been to the cosmos above. And when standing at the Egyptian Sphinx you can see the sun fall directly between two of the Egyptian pyramids on the day of Summer Solstice.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate this year’s Summer Solstice and Full Strawberry Moon, take some time going back to the basics. Take a break from modern technology and spend some time with loved ones, with your heart, and with your home. If you’re looking for some words of inspiration check out one of our favorite blogs, Mystic Mama, and let us help you refocus your energy.

  • Use this time of warmth and awakening to clear out the air of your home. Open your windows, let the breeze flow through your space. Light these 100% soy candles to help clear out your home, filled with herbs such as Sage and Mugwort, which are used to help clear out spaces of any negativity.
  • Consciously decorate your home to reflect our own creative energy. Remove any objects that may bring negative thoughts or emotions and replace them with objects and symbols of peace and calm. Your home is your sanctuary and it should be a place of healing energy. Maybe find a new throw pillow that sparks a light in you.
  • Reconnect with nature by bringing the outside in. Find some greenery or flowers that symbolize the growth and energy of summer and bring them into your home. With Summer Solstice and the full moon aligning with one another, it’s important that we remember our own connection to nature.

We are honored to be part of your growth and clarity and hope you find time to transform your home into one that reflects the power of the Summer Solstice and full moon.