Supporting you to Try Something New in Bed since 2004.


Since 2004 Sin in Linen has been providing you saucy linens for your bed. We encourage freedom of expression in the bedroom, whether in how you decorate or how you play in the sheets.

When Sandy Glaze embarked on her endeavor to Try Something New in Bed and ventured into sourcing her bed linen production options, her search took her to the deep south of the good ‘ole USA. She had been working with a fabric weaver and printer that sent her first order of fabric to a sewing facility. The minimums were high for these goods and she had a considerable investment in Sin in Linen’s maiden pattern, a 1940’s pin-up we called “Joie De Viv”. It was a piece of original art commissioned by the family estate of legendary pinup artist Peter Driben. Our gal Viv was coy and enchanting, perched on a velvet pillow with her strawberry blonde hair and wearing a lovely two piece lingerie set. Is she in a state of dress or undress? It’s a classic example of 1940’s WWII bomber art.

When the fabric arrived via truck arrived at the sewing facility in the deep South, Glaze received a call from the flustered production manager. Whatever could be the matter? Well, it turned out that feathers got ruffled at the facility and they were offended by the imagery on the fabric. Oy vey! They knew they were working with a company called ‘Sin in Linen’, right?


Being a roller derby player at the time and a fierce blocker, her competitive and protective mode kicked in. Not one to give up without a fight, Sandy headed to the library and checked out an arm length stack of books on WWII and the origins of Pinup Art. This form of art was encouraged in WWII for the young mens’ morale and to anticipate all the good things that await them at home. Far from lurid, this imagery was uplifting. (okay that might be a bit of a pun)

Off she went to a very old-fashioned small town to plead her case. Armed with knowledge and reason, Glaze presented the history of this great American art form. This was in 2003, the US had just invaded Iraq and patriotism was high. Sandy came from a military family and her Grandfather was a POW during WWII. Educating and heart string tugging, Sandy argued that sewing her sheets was an act of SUPPORTING THE TROOPS.

Of course, sewing commenced for our first pinup print and the rest is history.

Sin in Linen has been supporting a person’s right to freedom in the bedroom for a decade. Gender, orientation, race, and sexual expression; we strongly believe in supporting a person’s desire to Try Something New in Bed!!