Rock and Roll with me, in bed!

The Power of Rock and Roll Living


For those of us who understand the energy and power that comes from living a rock and roll lifestyle we often remember to incorporate the edge into our music routines. We might style our daily fashion to reflect the emotional truth we feel is at the heart of rock and roll or we may even get tattoos honoring our most beloved lyrics or musicians. But what about our homes? It can be easy to forget that our style can translate into every object we touch, especially those we touch on a daily basis. This holds especially true for our bedrooms. Don’t lose your hardcore edge just because you’re falling asleep for the night. Your sheets, pillowcases, and comforter should remind you what true rock and roll dreams are made of.

This past week we lost one of the most beloved champions of living authentically, David Bowie. Our hearts broke at Sin in Linen when we learned of his passing and it reminded us how the world, and everything within it, has important rites of passage to go through. It also reminds us to take advantage of the time we have, surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects and people we love. As Bowie sang in his famed song Starman: “There’s a starman waiting in the sky / He’s told us not to blow it / Cause it’s all worthwhile.” Bring some of the Bowie spirit into your bedroom with our new Moon Phase bedding collection, and fall asleep under the cosmos.

We’re also getting into a honky tonk vibe with the celebration of Dolly Parton’s birthday this week. This rockin’ lady turned 70 on January 19th and still looks as glamorous and chic as ever. Can you say #lifegoals!? One of the things we love the most about Dolly is her fierce support of all love and lifestyles. She was a trailblazer for women in not only music, but also film and fashion. And through it all Parton seems to embrace her own feminine uniqueness and her sense of fun. As you dream of ways to make your life a little more “Dolly” be sure to seek out items that simply ooze joy. We could picture Dolly Parton laughing atop our new Pin-ups Pillow Fight bedding collection and think it’s the perfect way to bring some playful rock and roll glamour to your home.
Rock and roll is so much more about music. It is about living life in a way that focuses on human emotions, raw energy and deep authenticity. Rock and roll doesn’t want you to be anyone else but you. We’ve always seen this as one of our core beliefs and have created soft home goods with hardcore style for years. From our Skull Star collection to the Jolly Roger Pirate Duvet Cover design we are always looking for ways to incorporate more rock and roll edge into your home.