The Seductive Art of Burlesque


There is an art to walking seductively in heels. There is a mystery in a teasing feather boa dance. And there is a necessity in finding humor in all of this, in embracing the lightheartedness within sexuality.

The art of burlesque, much like vaudeville as we explored last week, combines flirty humor with a seductive dance. Above all, burlesque encourages self-expression, freedom, and finding alignment within oneself and ones body.

That is why we were thrilled to have the 2011 Miss Exotic World burlesque performer, Miss Indigo Blue, be part of our 2015 pinup calendar. Posing atop our Geisha Garden Tattoo bedding, her fabulous blue hair made the indigo peacock feathers on the print pop with electric energy.

Miss Indigo Blue is a vital and powerful figure in the burlesque world, not only internationally but also here in Seattle (the home of Sin in Linen). She is the headmistress of The Academy of Burlesque, located in Seattle, where classes such as “Walking in Heels” and “Boa Teaser” are taught. Miss Indigo Blue has also been the co-director of the Education for The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas since 2008. That same year she founded BurlyCon Burlesque Convention and serves as the executive director. Did we mention she’s a rockstar?

What we especially love about The Academy of Burlesque (other than its lovely headmistress, Miss Indigo Blue) is the passion, humor, and heart the institution has for both the art of burlesque and the individualism of women. On their website they remind us that “Being brave means being afraid, and doing it anyway.” Yes, yes, yes.

They believe in creating an environment that allows women to explore self-expression in non-traditional environments. “People’s lives change when they have permission to honor their ideas, express themselves, and cherish their bodies.” This mirrors Sin in Linen‘s own mission beautifully, and reminds us why we want people to “try something new in bed.”

If you’re wanting to learn how to walk in heels, how to bump and grind, or how to twirl a tassle, you might consider jumping into the art of burlesque. Or you can indulge in today’s fresh fantasy.


Today’s Fresh Fantasy
Teacher’s Pet

You sit cross-legged in the dance studio, along with the other students who are hoping to master the art of the the strip-tease. There are butterflies in your stomach and you hope the other women around you don’t notice how nervous you are. You’ve never done something like this before. Just then, the instructor, with black stilettos, thigh-high nylons, and tight black lingerie, steps out from behind a geisha patterned curtain. You have to remind yourself to breath — you’ve never seen anyone quite so breathtaking or mysterious. As she starts to explain the class, pacing back and forth, her heels click distinctly with every step. She starts to describe the class structure and the expectations and you notice how her eyes linger a little longer on yours than anyone else. She stops, directly in front of you, and holds out her hand, asking if you’d mind helping her demonstrate a few moves. Swallowing, you reach out and place your hand in hers, feeling the heat strike like an electric shock. You suddenly realize this class will teach you more about yourself than any less you’ve had before.