Tips for Comfortable Camping


Glamping. It’s such a silly word but the premise of glamour camping is solid. As an enthusiastic car camping gal, I love to bring the comforts of home into the wild. Venturing into the outdoors and setting up a comfortable camping situation is one of the great joys in life. Take the best coffee grounds and the french press to make a strong brewed cup of joe in the morning. Marinate meats in advance to grill a gourmet meal with ease. Good tunes and friends around the campfire toasting up marshmallows for s’mores. To go camping in style, what could possibly make it any better? Taking the good linens, that’s what!


1) Cozy bedding. Up your camping game and make a proper bed with an air mattress. After a long day of hiking and exploring you want to sit in a camp chair around a campfire, cook and gab with friends. There’s nothing nicer than stumbling into your tent and falling into a cloud of comfort. For 2 humans and a dog, we use a 6 person tent and a queen size air mattress. The Atomic Dreams MidCentury retro pattern sheets is a fun print to bring camping because the colors match what’s commonly used on camping gear. A king size quilt laid underneath keeps the mattress in place, the dust to a minimum and it’s cozy and warm under your feet.

penny-feet-glamp-200-square2) Keep the dust down. One of those straw mats that are sold at most drugstores in the summer for beach lounging works great to lay outside of the tent to keep the rocks and dirt out. You can pick those up for under $10. I usually bring dark background linens so we don’t worry about a bit of dirt and everything washes up just fine. And let the dog sleep with you. They keep you warm and safe at night. For added comfort, bring a cozy comforter to lay on top of the bed. It’s so luxurious to be out in the elements and fully supported in the comforts of home.

039k-glamp-200-square3) Gourmet food. I always bring certain foods that are camping traditions. (more on that in a future post). But I also like to try something new each trip. One of our camping buddy’s found this great Sangria recipe with tequila and rose, from the Dirty Gourmet website. The Dirty Gourmet specializes in recipes for camping so you can find a lot of easy to prep and transport ideas for outdoorsing. This Sangria was amazing! It was so nice to have such a refreshing beverage after a long hike in the sun.



4) Set a nice table. If you bring a good oilcloth table cloth as a foundation then lay a cloth tablecloth on top, there is a softer sweeter quality to the dining experience. And no more splinters from the picnic table. I like to bring candles and flowers too. Because why not? Beauty enhances our mood and it’s fun to go all the way.


5) Care for your pet. If you are lucky enough to bring a dog camping with you, remember to keep lots of fresh water out and bring a nice bed for them to settle in to. So much nicer than having to lay on the rocky ground of a campsite. They give us endless love so they deserve the best.

6) Choose your tunes. Speaking of dogs and preparing for a camping trip, I’d like to share my favorite ‘getting out of town on a camp trip’ song. “Going to the Beach” by KillDozer. Every time he sings about bringing along the dog, it delights me to the core. Such a great band providing raw industrial noise pop from Wisconsin in the 80’s. This is from KillDozer’s 1984 album called Intellectuals are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite.