Heat up your adult summer games

Summer fun, Fetish al Fresco style
Have you seen the new Sin in Linen print, Fetish alFresco? We’ve been watching the Olympics and decorating with this decor and it’s inspired some hot adult summer games we’d like to share.
Because we like it hot, we love how it makes us want to strip down and frolic in a nearby garden of sin. This is a perfect companion to these warm summer months. Summer is a time for play and this new print is delightfully, sinfully, playful. You’ll want to dive into these scenes and spend some time with the ladies and gents who are enjoying their time outdoors on this pattern. If you’re looking for a way to add a little fantasy-fun into your summer, adding Fetish alFresco to your bedding collection will add the sass you crave.
Just like most fantasies, this naughty toile pattern peels away layers of fun and cleverness. The longer you explore the design the more you begin to uncover. Birds dart through the sky and monkeys dangle from above. Butterflies, thigh-high boots, leather gloves and high heels decorate this design with delightful detail.
Would you like to turn up the heat on your own summer activities. Check out these tricks for making these warm months a bit hotter…
Heating up the Ordinary Picnic
Grab a blanket, your lover, and head to a local park. Instead of lemonade and sandwiches bring something a little more tempting along. Think secret stashes of wine and fresh berries you can hand feed one another. As the sun starts to warm your bodies, and you begin to peel off a few layers, see where the rest of the afternoon might take you. Fun fact: National Parks in the US have no laws against nudity. Just one more reason to celebrate the centennial of the National Parks this year!
Adult Marco Polo
This game requires a private pool, but it’s well worth it if you can find one. Just like you may have done as a child, start off by playing the game Marco Polo.  Person 1 closes their eyes, shouts “Marco” and waits to hear Person 2 respond with “Polo.” With their eyes still closed, person 1 has to search for person 2. If they find them? Well, let’s just say your swim attire might not stay on for very long in adult Marco Polo…
Secret Road Trip
Hit the road with your lover and head for a destination neither of you have ever been. It can be somewhere far away or just a few neighborhoods over. Rent a hotel room and play out one of your longtime fantasies. Pretend your strangers meeting for a secret rendezvous. Pretend you’re spies from opposing sides in the 1940s and you’re not supposed to be talking. No matter what, have fun. Summer is a time for play, so play!
The gardens had originally been designed for the queen of the land. Centuries ago she had paid over a thousand men to grow, sculpt, and shape these 300 acres of wild land into her personal garden of Eden. Now, after the queen was long gone and the government owned the gardens, professional guides gave tours of the grounds to the general public. And today was a slow day.
The guide looked out at her small tour group, just a young family of four and a single man dressed in a three-piece suit. She made sure her black tour guide blazer was buttoned, adjusted her feet in her black high heels, and began the tour where it always began: by the massive fountain. As she began to explain the history of the fountain ad the architect who designed it, one of the small children began to complain of needing to use the restroom. Apologetically, the whole family departed in search of a restroom saying they would come back another day. This left the guide alone with the man in the three-piece suit. She wasn’t certain, but she thought she saw something twinkle in his eye. It made her smile.
Wandering through the garden she explained the history of the topiary designs. She pointed out the rare sculptures to their left. Waving a hand she described the philosophy behind the sunken rose garden. Butterflies flit through the air as the chatter of wildlife hummed around them.
They came to a heavily wooded area where dark shadows reached towards them. She paused and glanced over her shoulder. The man in the three-piece suit glanced over his shoulder as well.
Reaching behind a nearby tree trunk, she pulls out a coil of rope.
“Good,” she said smiling at the man. “Now we can begin the tour you actually came for.”