Let’s Talk Vintage Sleaze with Lady Weird

Lady Weird Pinup Bedding made Exclusively by Sin in Linen

We are so excited about the new, playfully sexy, Pillow Fight bedding collection designed by the charming Lady Weird. We first came across her art through Instagram and instantly fell in love with her approach to the genre of 40’s – 50’s men’s magazines with a slant towards vintage sleaze.

Her artwork is ripe with energy and heat, embracing the lush female body that was often found between the folds of vintage magazines. Lady Weird tackles different art forms, experimenting with illustration, resin jewelry, embroidery, graphic design, while always approaching every piece with a free and playful style.

We were lucky enough to interview Lady Weird and are thrilled to share her thoughts with you guys:

1) How did you first become involved in the world of design and art collaboration?

I started drawing vintage-sleaze girls on plates in 2014 and began posting them on Instagram. This lead to designers and companies seeing my work and contacting me to do collaborations. I honestly didn’t do anything special, just drew my art and posted :-D”

2) What have been the biggest influences in your life?

I’ve been influenced by all things old. But the biggest influence I’ve encountered is the people I’ve met in the Tokyo Garage-Punk scene and the event named “Back From the Grave.” There I’ve found every element/style I love. Like 40’s – 80’s, rock ‘n roll, monster, hot rod, motorbike, B-movie, pinup, burlesque, masonic, tiki, lowbrow art . . . it’s all mixed together.”

3) What makes you feel most inspired as an artist?

I don’t know if this would be the “most” influential, but I’d have to say anything old or vintage.”

4) How do you define “sexiness?”

I think “true” sexiness is not like being naked with big boobs and a tiny waist, like my drawings. I think sexiness is an inner beauty and manner, etc. (BUT I draw naughty girls because I am a “vintage-sleaze” illustrator).”

This philosophy of freedom and playfulness is mirrored in Sin in Linen’s own philosophy, looking to engage women in their own sense of carefree sexuality. The new Pillow Fight collection finds its foundation in this focus, along with the vintage style. Here you’ll find pinup girls caught in a flurry of frozen feathers, inspiring others to join in on the fun. This new line will remind you that the bedroom can be used for other extracurricular activities besides sleeping.

The Pillow Fight collection comes in sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and shower curtains. Be sure to check out this beautifully playful print before the fight for them gets too crazy!