What Does Skull Bedding Have to do With Christmas?

Even before the modern day version of a Christmas season developed, there was always a strong desire to seek light and celebration this time of year. In areas of the world where December meant darkness, cold, and minimal harvesting to do, people were hungry for gatherings that encouraged warmth and nourishment. As the cold winter sky revealed a cycle of the moon above, people reached for items around the home and the community that could keep them warm.

In addition, many of the western holiday traditions that are familiar to our winter season actually can be traced back to the pagan traditions of years past.

For example, evergreen boughs (Such as ivy and holly) are used to decorate homes in hopes of reminding of us the everlasting energy of life and of our earth. Evergreens, like the Divine, never die. And did you know that Mistletoe also comes from pagan traditions? Though it wasn’t originally hung in homes to trigger kissing from those who passed under, Mistletoe was used as a symbol of the seed of the Divine. Walking far into dark woods, Druids used to spend time harvesting Mistletoe from the natural elements that surrounded them.

The modern day Christmas tree can also be traced back to pagan traditions when a branch of a pine tree or oak would be placed upright in the home and decorated with bows, cloves, or other fresh greenery. This Yule log would be used to hold three symbolic candles: one candle to represent the season, one candle to represent the Sun God, and a final candle to represent the Great Goddess.

Whether you’re drinking spiced cider, baking cookies in your warm kitchen, or serving nuts, you might be surprised to realize you’re following traditions that began in the Pagan traditions.

As you begin to burrow into this holiday season, take some time to reflect on where your traditions come from. Maybe spend a moment reading about the goddess Diana, the spirit of the moon, childbirth, and the hunt. Remember that even in a season as cold and unforgiving as winter, you are still connected to the cosmos.

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